Scarecrow to keep rats away.


pink under

Pomerol village, rest in wine.


center right

Silent days on but life goes on and I am not lost. Belgian solutions help you to find your way.


goodbye & welcome

I am not for farewell. Daily post is phasing out. Is it a reason for me to stop bloggin? Perhaps, yes but not tonight. It’s to say goodbye and say hi.

Below is not my favorite photo but latest one. Parcours d’Artistes of Saint Gilles is on its second week and I am displaying my project Wild As You. Really happy to reach out to new faces.



Today was the second day of Parcours d’Artistes of Saint Gilles. I had more visitors, friends and it was fun! Now waiting for the Mrs’ arrival. The cat – Karaci enjoyed our backyard and now sleeping. I am also very tired and it will be a full week ahead.



weekly photo challenge: twisted

I am afraid it was spamming: too many posts in a row but I wanted to recap with weekly photo challenges. Shall I say monthly challenges!

Since we moved to our new home I wondered about the roses in the back yard. This week returning from the homeland a nice surprise, blooming red roses.


weekly photo challenge: liquid

weekly photo challenge: the place

weekly photo challenge: unlikely

weekly photo challenge: lines

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