weekly photo challenge: rise/set

Sunset was breath thaking in Africa but hereby my heart beats in Japan. This photo is from Kyoto.



out of this world

When I type “heaven” on my google photos archieve, this is what I get.

Serengeti August 2018P1250182.jpg

a fine story


favorite place

face with a big smile


February is Flagey with the film festival Anima. On a late afternoon with bright blue sky I was there few weeks ago. The sun was on the Church Sainte-Croix, delicate. Nothing special you may say in particular with the poor camera of old iPhone 5s but nice to see that a stranger was there seems to pose.


take away

Highlight from our move back in November was these guys carrying a 3-seater sofa on a bike! This was real carbon-free circular economy case. Well happy that without any accidents.


Tradition is always a plus point iand in Brussels you need to be attentive to find it. In Saint Gilles market you can meet the guy selling burgers and frites. In Antwerp there is the club for people with moustache.


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