great train journey

We were at 6:40 am in Colombo Fort Railway Station. Our journey to Kandy took 3.5 hours. I booked our tickets online from an intermediary. A code was provided by an SMS and in the airport when we landed, I picked the train tickets easily. We were in the obstervatory car, which is located back of the diesel train set. Sri Lankan railways has not electrified its network. The observation car was airconditoned and the locals were preferring to keep cold instead of getting some fresh air. I mean we suffered oxygen because the airco was pumping diesel exhaust inside. It was a working day, people commuting to jobs, schools. They passed by as we climbed up to the Ancient Sri Lanka. Enjoy the green landscape…


4 thoughts on “great train journey

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  2. Very informative! I just have one day (total 2.5 in Sri Lanka for work – Fri afternoon – Sunday evening) but I think I would not be able to take a night off and spend outside Colombo, hence just Sat for exploring.. Though I can as a default spend the day in Colombo, but would you suggest any close by destination that I can do morning-eve around Colombo? Thanks for your suggestions in advance 🙂


  3. For just short duration I recommend remaining in Colombo but one option could be to go south towards Galle. There’s a motorway so transit time with a car is acceptable. Unfortunately that area was not part of our route.


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