My blog was silent for the last two weeks. I have travelled to the South America. Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires were my stops. Instead of moving from city to city I have stayed enough time in each. I had great food, perfect coctails coupled with nightlife (especially Rio) and despite the winter period decent weather. I had many photos. So I will be posting galleries in the coming period. Today we can start with Recoleta region of Buenos Aires. Once upon a time city’s wealthiest citizens moved to here as the yellow fever epidemic ravaged San Telmo. This is actually the city’s most Parisian quarter, featuring wide avenues, belle-epoque apartment buildings and beautifully landscaped parks. The Spanish elite actually settled. Today many members of the original high society still stays in this north-of-center area of the city. Many are actually buried in grand fashion in the magnificent cemetery (Cementerio de la Recoleta), which I have visited.

Visitors come to this famous cemetery to make the pilgrimage to Evita Perón‘s tomb. Getting lost in the labryrinthine necropolis is what I preferred and street cats guided me. Evita’s family tomb is not a grandiose monument. Crowded with 4800 tombs you can see much more fancy architecture than the Duarte family’s. I enjoyed marble statuaries, decorative mausoleums in architectural styles from art nouveau to neo-Gothic. Can you also feel the peace?


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