weekly photo challenge: the sign


Since 5 days police forces in Turkey (not only in Istanbul but many other cities) are using excessive force on Turkish people who are trying to use their basic democratic rights to demonstrate against the government.

The problem started from the governments plans to demolish a park in Taksim square and turned in to a national awakening against the undemocratic attitude of AKP government and the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Prime Minister has not interpreted the situation. He is accusing people and today in a live interview at Haber Turk he even accused Twitter.

Turkish people are using the social media in a very effective way unlike the Arab Spring movements where tweets were coming from other countries. In this particular case most of the tweets are in Turkish and sent within Turkey. Luckily there is no ban on the internet (or it is very small).

Overall this situation leads to lack of clear information about the development, mainly in English. WordPress community has started to follow the developments with certain blogs who report in English. I find this critical because the main stream media is not giving the required interest on the topic. Take CNN Turk for example, they were screening penguin documentary yesterday for hours.

Please keep an eye on Turkey!

Revolution will not be televised but blogged online!

4 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: the sign

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  2. Thank you all!

    I am reporting from Brussels actually. Government is still not understanding the situation.


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