weekly photo challenge: in the background

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This week’s photo challenge is “in the background”. Spring time in Brussels is in the background. I have to admit it is not even background but “hidden” or “on hold”. Where the hell is spring? I am sick home, teleworking (trying) since Thursday with cold fever. The meteo indicates max 11 degrees Celsius for today. Luckily there is the sunshine and the blue sky.

Average temperatures this spring only climbed to 8.1 degrees Celsius. This makes it the coldest spring since the seventies. The past 10 weeks also had dark and gloomy weather, and it doesn’t look as if things are about to change, at least not in the 5 or 6 coming days. “As things are looking now, we will make it into the top-10 of the springs with the least hours of sunshine.”

Source: Michael Torfs


3 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: in the background

  1. Love the contrast, both in the subject matter and the image.


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