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On Friday, March the 15th we have encountered violence in Brussels city center. Our meeting point to celebrate my birthday was in front of Bourse. When we arrived there were a group of youngsters playing rhythm. We did not know what was the purpose. As it was too cold we decided to wait in El Metekko, a pub nearby. While having our beer a crowd appeared outside including a clown riding a bike and suddenly a fight started. Punches and shouting. Some minutes later a stone was thrown to the big windows of El Metekko. Customers sitting behind the broken window were not hurt nevertheless it was a scary scene. We were wondering why no police intervened but finally understood that the manifestation was about the police violence.

Police or not, violence was in the agenda. In half an hour things calmed and we made our way to a pizzeria. Then I remembered the sticker I have photographed last week. It was about the manifestation that caused this violence.

What are you thinking?

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