weekly photo challenge: forward

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The pop-up project space DO NOT OPEN have the first project Move it! by Robert Barta.

Enjoy the short video I have made.

opening of our project space with robert barta, an artist born in prague in 1975, living and working in berlin. the artist will present, for the first time in brussels, a piece called “move it!”

kevin muhlen, curator at the casino luxembourg says :
“robert barta´s sculpture interrogates – not without humor – methods of display and the role of the beholder. with his piece move it ! barta confronts the beholder with an unlikely if playful scene: a cactus sways its „hips“ in order to keep a hula hoop spinning.
for anyone who knows how hard it is for a human being to do so for more than a few seconds, seeing an indoor plant perform this exercise – the point of which is usually playful, athletic (gymnastics, acrobatics) or seductive (a type of belly dancing) – seems all the more improbable and bizarre. science has nevertheless demonstrated that mimicry is typical of the vegetable kingdom. here mimicry reaches a pinnacle thanks to a cactus that breaks every known hula-hoop record despite its unpromising morphology. ultimately, the real question is whether we are more amazed by the sight of a plant performing a human activity or by the physical prowess it displays in keeping the hoop spinning.”

For more info: http://www.donotopen.org/project_space/move-it/

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