xmas tree

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Yesterday I have visited the Brussels historic market (Grand Place) to see the Christmas decorations. Early in November a big debate was about the decision of not having a genuine Christmas tree. For many years a traditional fir tree has embellished the market square, but this year the tree’s sponsor, electricity generator Electrabel, has opted for something new. Although I have read good comments about the installations from a Paris-based art company, that was commissioned to deliver the modern tree, the result is something cheap and ugly. Especially during the day time the tree looks really creepy. I did not have any motivation to climb up staircase to look around. Anyway the Christmas period and holiday season is something nice so it is best to ignore such details around us.

This week I am going to do tele-working. Mainly occupied for drafting a paper and also prepare a super8 footage for a photo exhibition that will take place end of February. I am also taking time to backup my photo archive via Lightroom catalogues and arrange backup on Flickr. I will keep posting more to the blog.

Merry Xmas and happy festivus!


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