çıkmaz demeyin şansınızı deneyin #millipiyango #istanbul

Previous week when I was in Istanbul, I have visited the old town. In proximity to the spice bazaar was the cities luckiest lottery ticket kiosk. It may be the luckiest lottery booth in the world. It’s certainly one of the most popular. In the heart of Istanbul’s historic Eminönü district, the Nimet Abla lottery kiosk has become so renowned for producing regular winners that it has become a magnet for the punters.

Melek Nimet Özden founded the kiosk, lending it both her name and her luck. Nimet Abla (“Big sister Nimet”) started selling lottery tickets in 1928, and after she won the big new year’s lottery draw in 1931 her shop earned nationwide fame as the luckiest lottery booth in Turkey.

The Nimet Abla kiosk in the Eminönü district of Istanbul accounts for one in 10 lottery tickets sold in Turkey.

Well, the crazy queue in front of Nimet Abla discouraged us so we walked a little far to try our luck with Bahcekapi, the famous branch (also so-called lucky) of the national lottery (Milli Piyango). So the question is what will I do if I win 20 million Euros?

Read more about Nimet Abla here


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