inci pastanesi closed


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A favorite of locals and tourists, the longstanding Istanbul sweetshop, known for introducing profiteroles to Turkey, did not survive to celebrate another new year after local court decided to transfer the building that houses it to another firm for renovational purposes.
Source: National Turk

İnci Pastanesi :: Inci Patisserie

İnci Patisserie has been known for its profiterole since it was founded in 1944 by Lucas Zigoridis. It is been said that Mr. Zigoridis invented profiterole while trying to find a different taste to compete with other patisseries. No matter who invented profiterole, İnci is the best spot to enjoy profiterole.
It is not a fancy place, the interior design still belongs to the 50′s. There are few tables and a stand inside but most people enjoy profiterole on foot. But hurry up, this legendary patisserie could soon be forced to close as the building that houses İnci has been leased to a construction company which wants to turn the historic building into a shopping mall.
via Spotted by locals


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