On a lazy Sunday afternoon just before the Euro 2012 final I was in newly renovated Muntplein in the center of Brussels. Sun was shining and expected thunderstorm were far away. Annual sales hit the city and shops were opened on Sunday, a crazy flow of people everywhere. Children were playing in the new square. There is plenty of space but without much character even if you consider the few modern art installations. That is my impression but nevertheless children bring the liveliness. While waiting for a friend to have beer I was holding my Werra IV with an unknown expired color film called EuroPrint 100. It was just my second roll with this magnificent camera from Eastern Germany. Sticking to the sunny-16 rule I am satisfied with the results, at least with the focusing. There is still room for progress. Soon I will start shooting B/W with this camera and hoping to process them in-house with a new Ilford developer.

munt punt

Werra IV
Euro Print 100
Process by Techno Photo
Self scan with Epson V500
June 2012 Brussels


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