Sagalassos, City of Dreams’ is a dream of an exhibition. Like Sagalassos, it is ambitious and, like Sagalassos, it takes you off the beaten track. I was there in Sagalassos two years ago with my father while doing the short military service in Burdur. We drove up the mountain. I still remember touching the clouds, the ancient city was with an epic view. I wonder how would it be in the night time. Touching the stars, not scary definitely. Below is a video my beloved father (RIP) done with photos taken from the archeological museum in Burdur.

Sagalassos is an archaeological site in southwestern Turkey, about 100 km north of Antalya (ancient Attaleia), and 30 km from Burdur and Isparta. The ancient ruins of Sagalassos are 7 km from Ağlasun in the province of Burdur, on Mount Akdağ, in the Western Toros mountain range, at an altitude of 1450-1700 metres. In Roman Imperial times, the town was known as the ‘first city of Pisidia’, a region in the western Taurus mountains, currently known as the Turkish Lakes Region. Already during the Hellenistic period, it had been one of the major Pisidian towns.

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