from izmir

Do not know if I am missing home. I am missing something. Few pictures left from my mobile phone camera dating July-August. A short story back in town…

back in town

In the early 80’s my father used to drive one of these Murat 131’s in orange actually. Some sort of FIAT manufactured in Turkey, the bird series.

murat 131

A nice discovery for taking tea or in a sunny summer afternoon fresh lemonade. Tea & Pot in Alsancak.

tea pot

We had +50 people visiting our home for a memorial. I had to carry a lot of bottles of ayran (yogurt drink). As a supply chain expert I borrowed the trolley filled it with the drinks and ride it to our apartment. Took the elevator up and even entered inside the kitchen next to the fridge.


Gizem & Burak vs Ipek & Burak, I am reading their story in Uykusuz mag.

gizem burak

In our front yard stayed a big palm tree. In 2003, the tree died unexpectedly. Now is a new one planted. In the same street where I parked the car I saw the branches of another palm tree. I do not know whether if it is dead or alive. I wonder why they placed the branches in a container. Recycling alla turca?


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