dreaming in poznan


In the past few weeks I have posted photos from Poznan. Poland provides nice setting for street photographers. Last week I got my roll films developed in the lab. I have taken my Lubitel 166U with me to this business trip. I had two days and three rolls of films to do photography, so I ended up with 36 (12*3) analogue photos. My film stock was Kodak Ektachrome 64 (expired), Ilford XP2 400 and Fujichrome Astia 100F (expired). I had the positive expired films cross-processed. Kodak Ektachrome is one of my favorites (will be posting that set later) but Fujichrome Astia is the craziest film stock. I ended up with vivid images. Well the big surprise was with the first photo above with the workers of the tram line construction site. This frame had suffered a damage during the processing which I loved.

I walked around the city not as a typical tourist. I had my map and marked few locations to search for roll films or used cameras. Well my efforts in this respect was FAIL, films were expensive and there were none cameras on sale but I was able to document some nice scenes from Poznan. Colors were purple and turquoise after the processing. I done multiple exposure, too.

centerstreetconnecthummeron top

In Poland, most houses have some sort of yard. I found that scary at night times but during the day it provided nice shadows from the behind.


I kept walking in the shopping street. Poland with the capitalism is changing very quickly…

aroundthey come

Inevitable changes in the city provides a nice contrast with the old trams and statues.


At the end of the day my photo-trip was a complete satisfaction. With this roll, I have used a UV filter with my Lubitel.


Lubitel 166 Universal
Fujichrome Astia
Expired 10/2009
Process&Scan by Limelight

September 2011 Poznan

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