kodak ektar 25 with leica minilux


Kodak EKTAR 25, is a film that is no longer found in the market. In years past, the EKTAR name, and EKTAR 25 in particular, were synonymous with fine grain. Couple of months ago I was able to order two rolls of EKTAR 25 from ebay. As a street photographer, I have used this film with daylight.


I had two rolls of EKTAR 25, one that I shot in March was dated 1990 so almost 20 years old. The one I shot this month did not had the expiry date on it but it brought more dark underexposed images.


What I like from this film was to take lively reflection of red colors like the vintage convertible that is above and the natural tones of the sky.


I have walked across the city mainly in the upper town finally ended up in Jeu de balle (photos will be uploaded in another set).


I always enjoy documenting strange things happening around in the pavements sometimes up in the sky.


The day was over after some architecture shots. I am not sure if I can obtain Kodak EKTAR 25 again but if so I will try to shoot experimental long exposures in the night time.


Leica Minilux
Kodak Ektar 25 expired
Process & Scan by Limelight Lab
August 2011 Brussels

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