road companions – collection of vintage cars

red one

I uploaded photos from my mobile phone. There is again a backlog of some hardcore street photography. Today I will make a collection of vehicles, mainly vintage cars. Red is the color for today. Here above is a special type of Mini.

red three

There are also some cars which I do not recall their brand but they look cool.

red two

I always keep smiling when I see a 2cv, this time its gray.

another 2cv

To continue with gray…


Originally from Salvador de Bahia in Brazil, Roberto Barr is an artist currently working in Brussels. Here his van with the decoration.

roberto barr

This is Belgium! Do not surprise cars can use beer to run. By the way Beermania is a great shop to buy beer and collection glasses.


You have to be careful with your motorbike or bike in Brussels. Get a robust lock!

do not steal

I enjoy our old road companions but I have to admit go for electric cars to drive. Go for green!


Music The day by Olivia Pedroli

73 thoughts on “road companions – collection of vintage cars

  1. Not a great year model for the Mini – the front grill doesn’t have the cute factor going for it – but still a great classic Mini none-the-less. A REAL Mini-van!

    Classic European cars are great – better than American classic cars imho!


  2. The third picture looks like a Fiat 124 Spider, to use the name under which it was sold in the US, which is where most of them were sold.

    A beautiful car. Better lines than the MGB, in my opinion, and slightly more reliable.


  3. Drool, I love vintage cars. My favorites are the mini and the 2cv. What is that grey truck? Never seen anything like it in the states. Congrats on being fp!


  4. Cars that run on beer? That’s amazing. I love all of the vintage cars as well, especially the c2v. Thanks for sharing


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  6. The mini is a Clubman Traveler, the next one is an Abarth A112 (a very sexy and rare car)Fiat 124 Spider, 2CV, 2CV AZU van,(I dont do new cars very well but Citroen Berlingo? and VW Transporter) Then a real design classic! a Monkey Bike! Nice one!

    Great pics thanks for sharing. I write a motoring blog here on WP too, check it out if you like



  7. Cool. This reminds me of my time in Europe. As well as the unique cars, we shopped at Carrefour all the time. Nowhere else have I seen an entire isle filled with varieties of olive oil.


  8. I love the colorful van by Roberto Barr!!! It’s so cute. It takes real talent to do something like that. I wish I was that good of an artist! Love your pictures!


  9. Thanks Julia for the comment. I will check your work. I will not feel any stress stuck in traffic if I drive that van of Roberto Barr 🙂


  10. Thanks ThingsYouRealizeAfterYouGetMarried. That green vehicle is actually some sort of a bike. This is a new concept becoming popular in Belgium for the city distribution. You may see TNT bike here


  11. For a mobile phone camera, those pictures are superb!

    Car geek myself, I can appreciate those! Love that Mini!!


  12. Hello idratherbemakingart. Thank you for the comment. This grey truck usually sleeps near a restaurant. Some shops use them to attract people as in this one:


  13. Great pictures of interesting cars! Do you know if the third one down an NSU Prinz? Just curious. My mother had one for a while, but it was not a convertible. I also enjoyed the music, as well. 🙂


  14. Dear Diane, thank you for the comment. I think that red convertible is a FIAT (you can see the logo when you check on flickr) but I am not sure about the model. Music is from a Swiss artist that I have listened live this Sunday. Glad that you enjoyed the post.


  15. The Fiat Spider is one of my all-time favorite cars! My dad had one, and it really irritated me when he refused to sell it to me! (said it was too ‘fussy’ and would need too much work and he didn’t want to ‘saddle’ me with it!) Hah… he just knew I’d feel waaaay too cool driving that around! Fun pics – thanks!


  16. Nice! I especially like Roberto Barr’s–it’s like 60’s retro!

    My favorite vehicles are the oldest–1890’s to 1940’s.


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  18. Lovely stuff. I don’t usually like photoblogs that much, but I’m a sucker for anything with unusual cars. These are some great finds, and I’d love to see some more.


  19. Hey anne, your dad cheated you in a way 🙂 My dad had an orange Fiat, it was really ugly so I never asked him to sell to me.


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  21. Great Photo’s. As a family we do not miss these car shows when ever they come to our area, but living next to the east coast of South Africa the salty moisture content is high and these beuaties pick up metal cancer far quicker than one would expect …

    My late brother wanted to restore a Steady Backer Larke … but after it spend four years in under cover parking there is very litle left to restore. Those Big V8’s was heart throbbing …


  22. My favorite is a Mini, but that will not work in South Africa with all the potholes and heavy vehicles we have to share road with. We mainly have to drive heavy RUV’s to have a chance to a save jurney.


  23. Thanks ryoko861, these photo set is from my old sony ericsson k750. It had a simple but really great camera. I have used photoshop to correct contrast and color, no further manipulation is applied.


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