renault 4 f6

renault 4 f6

Here is an update on the Renault series.

Renault 4 F6The Renault 4 was launched at the 1961 Paris Salon, its new layout of engine and transmission all at the front was a first for Renault at this time.

The car featured many new ideas including a flat rear floor and hatchback configuration. La Regie Renault was so convinced that the new model was a winner that the hatched a plan to get the sceptical man on the street of Paris behind the wheel. ” Prenez le Volant” offered 200 special cars to the general public to drive at there will and leave for the next person to have a turn such was the success that by march 1963 sales were strong and 50,000 examples were produced.

Renault 4 F6Sinpar had already produced a four wheel drive version and Renault had given us the “Super Confort” but the idea of a more Haute Couture model was realised with the introduction of the “Parisienne”, This model had extra chrome work and plastic decals replicating wickerwork applied to the sides and rear hatch.

1966 saw the 1 millionth R4 as the “Plein Air” was created, this model was a true convertible it had no doors just a windscreen and a flimsy canvas roof.

6 Volt electrics gave way to 12 volts and 1972 say the first 4 speed gearbox on the R4.

Achat du jour en solderie : Collection " MYTHIQUE R4 " - No 5 / duoThe R4s wide appeal across France was amazing it was a classless car and was driven very well to do city types and country folk alike. The establishment also embraced the car with the Police, army, La poste. and fire service all finding a use for the versatile design.

With a thirty one year production run the R4 was and still is Frances most prolific car ever and was the 5th biggest selling car of all time with a total of 8135424 units produced.

Source: Renault Classic Car Club

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