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Young people’s Programme
Culture, going out and good food

Brussels is a great place for young people! One reason is the large number of young professional people employed by the European institutions who live in the city, whose international dynamism is obvious in the night-time streets and venues of Brussels!

Edit: 01/12/2010, this nice piece of art is gone…

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Day 1: Saturday
As many strip cartoons and beers as you can handle!

Brussels and strip cartoons (Belgium, Homeland of the 9th Art) go together like two fingers of the same hand! And in 2009, this will be even more obvious as 2009 is Strip Cartoon Year in Brussels! (Brussels 2009 BD Comics Strip )

> Strip Cartoon Trail
Discovering Brussels in pictures and speech bubbles is fun! For your first walk in the Belgian capital, pick out part of the Strip Cartoon trail from “Bruxelles, my guidebook, my plan”. You can admire huge murals depicting strip cartoon characters in streets, squares and bars, and at the same time you can enjoy the charming historic city centre. And don’t forget the rebellious, jolly and unusual Brussels spirit, symbolised in Tintin’s mischievous smile (In the Footsteps of Tintin…) !

> Belgian Strip Cartoons Centre
Would you like to know all about Tintin, the Smurfs and other cartoon heros? Then head for the Belgian Strip Cartoons Centre! And that’s not all, for the centre is housed in a gem of a building in the Art Nouveau style (Living Art Nouveau in Brussels) designed by the famous architect and pioneer of the style, Victor Horta!

> Beer delirium
In Brussels, beer is as popular as strip cartoons (Suggestions for “Beer” Walks). And the Delirium Café is the ideal place to convince yourself of this! The huge range of top-quality beers stocked here (more than 2,009!) will surprise you and will pull you in to the great local ambiance

> Already a taste for travel
If your visit to the magnificent mediaeval GRAND-PLACE (BRUXELLES) has made you hungry, lunch at the “Cercle des Voyageurs” (“Travellers’ Circle”) is what you need! In addition to good-value delicious food, this establishment regularly organises cultural events, film screenings and conferences on travel.
Around Brussels on a bike

“Cyclocity” the city’s bicycle hire scheme has ranks of hire bicycles every 300m around the city. It’s an ideal way to travel from the city centre to the European district, less than half-an-hour away by bike! The huge glass buildings housing the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT (BRUXELLES), the EUROPEAN COMMISSION (BRUXELLES) and the European Council are grouped together just 1.5km from the historic centre., and form a dramatic stylistic contrast with the rest of the city. The Leopold Park behind the European Parliament is a reminder that Brussels has nearly 28m² of green space per inhabitant! Enjoy a walk through the park to the Place Jourdan where you can buy freshly-cooked chips, reputedly the best in the city, at “Chez Antoine” !
Make way for the party!

Dinner at the “Sterkerlapatte” restaurant, which specialises in traditional Brussels food, will set you up for a night on the town in Brussels! To make a selection from the huge number of venues available, have a look at the Brussels, My Night Guide !
Day 2: Sunday

> The Marolles and its flea market
Did you get back at a reasonable hour last night? Then enjoy a morning discovering the Marolles! This working-class district has preserved the true soul of Brussels, and you may well hear the local dialects spoken in the streets here, even though it is said they are dying out. On the PLACE DU JEU DE BALLE – “MAROLLES DISTRICT” (BRUXELLES), you’ll find the flea market, a potential real treasure-trove for furniture, clothes, crockery, old telephones, records and books , some from the distant past, all of which are appreciated by today’s inhabitants!
If you’re a bit hung over, then just make your way straight to the designer restaurant “Bla@Bla&Gallery” to recover. Located in a former biscuit factory, it’s open serving a wide variety of lunch dishes from 11am to 3.30pm.

> Discover and Eat in Trendy Brussels!
For the last stop in your Brussels weekend, head for the SAINT-GERY HALLS (BRUXELLES)! This former covered market in the historic centre has been converted to an exhibition hall which hosts a wide range of interesting temporary shows. Just opposite the Halles, you can have a drink or a light meal at the “Roi des Belges” on one of the city’s trendiest terraces, which seamlessly blends contemporary and old-fashioned styles!

Source: City Breaks Brussels


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