shopping is a religion

Make shopping an official religion. People no longer feel religion is relevant to their lives. Shopping is relevant though. Various religious scriptures could be amalgamated into the religion of shopping, the pick & mix approach to theology, and apparently unlimited choice would go down well. If they could not afford something it would be because they had sinned, or not sinned enough, details , details .

Adherents could pray to the great provider,and could even choose which of the retail gods they liked the most, a bit like the Romans used to. Handing money over for nothing much in return has always been a big part of organised religions, and this one would even give you change.

People would feel they were contributing to the greater happiness of the world around them and that they were part of something greater than themselves.  Shop workers could also feel that they were part of this, helping to reduce their feelings of not getting paid enough. Craig Green


Leica minilux
Kodak 400T max
Process&Scan by Kristal

June 2010 Istanbul


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