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I try to read cartoons before sleep. In Saint Gilles some walls are covered with cartoons. Will I dream about walls?

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Only in Belgium!

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boulevard des fruits

I think you can not eat but it is a nice initiative in Brussels if you like fruits or Kriek, which is a fruit beer!


Another filming location in Brussels, gare du nord area where we have the red light district of the town.


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road signs become art in antwerp

Wed 04/06/2014 – 11:51 Colin Clapson

Drivers in the northern port city of Antwerp are enjoying a rare treat. Somebody has turned a set of ordinary road signs into works of art and the smart money is on the French artist Clet Abraham as the culprit.

Road signs in the area around the Nationalestraat and the South Docks have been doctored.

As the accompanying snaps profusely show banal road signs have been turned into exquisite works of art. Clet Abraham is not admitting being behind this latest handiwork, but he earlier had fun in Bruges and Brussels.

On the no-through-road sign the white stripe has been turned into a tin of sardines and even the traffic lights were not immune: when the lights are on red, a red devil appears.

obama in brussels

Obama visited Brussels for the second time in a row. Yesterday mr. President passed by. Ring of Brussels was closed to traffic and there were hundreds of police officers. Metro lines 2-6 were also interrupted, i had to walk from my office to Louise under the rain. There Obama’s car appeared. I said bye and see you not soon!

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Rapid delivery.

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Monday is a gentleman jacks day for me…

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Who owns it seriously?

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Such a beauty laying down on the pavements…

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