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I am sure that the week will be with great weather, but yet it was a rainy weekend as usual.

20140629-115321 pm-86001964.jpg

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World Cup fever. Saint Gilles was rather silent this time. Portuguese community of Brussels have to wait for the Euro 2016 to cheer.

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upside down

upside down

Simplicity is making things upside down.

weekly photo challenge: between


A sunny weekend, yellow is the color. It is the match-day! Yellow is between black and red.

This is Belgium!

lego world

lego world #nextdoor #legoworld #nextdoor

weekly photo challenge: extra, extra


World Cup has begun and there is some entertainment going around. After many years Belgium national team is also being present in Brazil and I am supporting this humble country. I had a take-away pizza last Friday from the Italian Allesio’s. The pizza box was ironic, in Dutch and French it stated “go for the first cup”, and in Italian “go for the fifth title”.

Today I bought a doughnut from the Flemish bakery, it had Belgium football kit and a tiny flag. The century old piano shop on my way to the bakery decorated a classic piano with the Belgian flag. There is the red devils spirit around and I am really looking forward for the first match this week.

richy cat

A black cat is a rich cat.

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All you need is to forget…

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Morning task to clean up a wsll.

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I try to read cartoons before sleep. In Saint Gilles some walls are covered with cartoons. Will I dream about walls?

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