I had a giant Suisse roll from the Flemish bakery nearby. This patisserie on the corner seems to be closed long ago.

20140327-090102 am.jpg

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This is not recycling.

20140327-085928 am.jpg


Obama is visiting the capital of Europe. The security measures are going to create a chaos in Brussels. It’s a town with burning dust bins…

20140325-080143 pm.jpg

20140325-080152 pm.jpg


Obama do you want to try gaufres while you mess it up with Brussels? Blocking streets for security blah blah…

20140325-075942 pm.jpg


Cats mean sleep. Sunday means cat.

weekly photo challenge: reflections

liege panorama

Liege is not reflecting much. I have to admit it is not a beautiful city. Does it matter during a lovely sunny day…

Shot iPhone5s panorama mode.

Have a great weekend!

twitter ban in turkey

Nothing new, WordPress was also banned in Turkey in 2007 if I am not mistaken. The mentality is worse now.

And it smells bad Erdogan…

20140321-085646 am.jpg


Fake plastic trees in Flagey, a nice walk by the way…

20140319-085715 pm.jpg


Probably the worst beer in the world…

20140318-084339 pm.jpg

weekly photo challenge: inside

There’s a devil…

20140318-084148 pm.jpg


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