the death of the authors, 1943



In March the window of Constant will host the installation of The Death of the Authors, 1943. This chatbot opera features Fats Waller, Nicolas Tesla, Beatrix Potter and Sergei Rachmaninov; four artists who died in 1943, and whose works entered the public domain on 1st January 2014. These authors will be reanimated in the form of a “chatbot”: a small software program that automatically intervenes in a chat conversation pretending to be human. The bots will enter in dialogue with each other and with visitors who join them in their online room. They will produce images, sound and text. All activity is interpreted and plotted on a weekly poster, by the beautiful Roland, a gigantic printer from the 80s.

With : BotsWaller, NICKola tesla, Beatrix Botter, Rachmanibot & plotter Roland. A work by Michael Murtaugh, Anne Laforet, Gijs De Heij, Antonio Roberts, An Mertens. A production of Constant.

bsff 2015




other side

bifff 2015


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