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Spotted in Cannes during the Summer of 2015. Sculpture is from the French sculptor Bruno Catalano, who is most renown for creating sculptures of figures with substantial sections missing. Originally from Morocco, he cites his experience as a sailor as central to his inspiration.

Catelano was born in 1960, but became a sculptor only in 1990.

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I do not agree with Andy, I do not seek for sustainability in this matter.

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Enough is enough?

On 7 July 2005, London was brought to its collective knees by a series of bomb blasts that cost several people their lives and injured scores of others.

The very next day, despite the horror, the carnage, the public transport system was up and running again. I know. I was there, and I rode the tube on 8 July like many other Londoners, whether residents, visitors or tourists. We got back to our daily lives with a collective sense of defiance to those who wanted to terrorise us. We got on with it.

Here in Brussels, the streets, at least in the centre of the city, have been silenced. The underground Metro system closed, the buses and trams, that are supposed to be running relatively normally, are (at least in my experience) as rare as hen’s teeth. And taxis, where are they? They don’t stop, whatever their…

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aachen christmast market

Brussels is silent. Winter wonders will commence this Friday but due to the increased terror alert the city is ‘on pause’ at this moment. Yesterday I had train tickets to Aachen. I risked and took the Thalys from the Brussels South to visit the small German city. Weather was cold but sunny. Their Christmas market just opened and the just like any other German city it was very well organised. I spend hours.






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